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The Farm:

Who We Are, Our Methods, Our Ambitions, and Our Progress.

Vegetable Farm

Who Are We?

Rejuvenating Roots was started by a husband and wife who had ambitions to improve the environment, food quality, and access to produce in their community. This meant purchasing a house on a 1 acre plot where 1/4 of the land was suitable for agriculture use. This led us to attempt an ambitious project: to try and carve out a local food shed, in a area of need, competing with a destructive global food system, without any prior experience in farming.


Sound crazy? It does to us but here we are!


  We are located in the North Linden Columbus, Ohio

North Linden Map.png

Rejuvenating Roots is an experimental pilot farm where the main objectives are to help alleviate a food dessert, demonstrate how to be a steward of the environment, and innovate a new way of doing business. The concept of regeneration is fundamental to the ideology of this social enterprise. We are a business that is making regeneration our main focus: from regenerating the environment, the economy, and beyond to the social fabric of our community - all while remaining globally active in collaboration with other social enterprises that share our same mission. Outside of our own business venture, the farm will be an integrative part of The ‘Columbus Model’ which is a community-based plan to provide essential needs for North Linden community located in Columbus, Ohio.

The Social Movement

Initiatives That Inspire Us

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OSU Extensions
Rodale Institute
Cradle to Cradle
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Open Source
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Regen Network
Regen economy Capital Institute.jpg
Capital Institute
Ohio Employee Ownership Center.jpg
Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Bucky Fuller.jpg
Buckminster Fuller Institute
Savory Institute
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Reporting 3.0
fab lab.jpg
Fab Lab
regen community network.jpg
Regenerative Community Network
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SGD 6.png
SGD 11 and 12.png
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Heading 5